This online axial Euler buckling solver will determine the Euler buckling load for an axial
member with up to 5 segments each with its own elastic modulus and area moment of inertia.  
Boundary conditions of free, simple support, fixed slope and or elastic spring can be applied at
the start and end of each segment.  The output includes the buckling load, maximum
compression stress using the smallest input area and a slenderness ratio using the full length
and smallest EA value.  The later two output parameters can be used to determine if Euler
buckling is an adequate representation of the simulation.  Compression stress values
approaching the material yield and low slenderness ratios suggest nonlinear buckling maybe
more appropriate.

L is the length of each segment, E the elastic modulus, I the area moment of Inertia, A is the
cross sectional area,  ∆ and θ deflections and rotations, k translational springs.  Any consistent
set of dimensional units can be used.  Angles are in radians.  
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